The Soundcare SuperSpike is an assembly of : An outer, sturdy, clean looking housing of ABS plastic (standard version) or         polycarbonate (High-End version) (1). Spike made of first class case hardened steel (2). Zinc casing (3) that reduces resonances in the spike and is specially         designed to hold the plastic housing when the equipment is lifted. Zinc disc (4) with a mild steel insert (5). Self adhesive felt disc made from 1,25mm quality felt with permanent         fairly high coatweight tape. Double coated tape, 3M 9573 high performance permanent tape         (only the self adhesive version). Lock nut. (only the threaded versions). The Soundcare SuperSpiked foot is an assembly of : High quality self adhesive SuperSpike. An ABS foot (6) that can easily replace most of todays feet on Hi-Fi electronics.         (Diameter 55 mm). The Soundcare TITANIUM SuperSpike is an assembly of : Spike made of TITANIUM grade 5 (extremely hard alloy made for the space industry). Protection disc made of TITANIUM grade 2 (pure TITANIUM). Polycarbonate housing The Soundcare TITANIUM extreme SuperSpike is an assembly of : 4 high quality TITANIUM spikes. 12 mm thick disc made of TITANIUM grade 2 (pure TITANIUM).         3 spikes pointing upwards and 1 spike pointing downwards.         The most exclusive spike in the World !!!  All Soundcare® spikes are spikes with a rounded tip (0,5 mm in diameter) standing in a crater with a flat bottom. In this way we get a very small contact area combined with enormous strength. Load tolerances is only of theoretical interests. For standard spikes you can put 400 kg per spike, for the TITANIUM models even more. How it is designed.
Soundcare® SuperSpike: You can’t do better !!!