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About us. Soundcare AS was established in June 1996. It developed from an idea of making the best spikes for sound without damage to surfaces. Press release from AudioExpress: SEAS Takes Over Soundcare SuperSpikes Business and Brand September 16 2020. Soundcare AS was established in June 1996, in Norway. It developed from an idea of making the best spikes for audio equipment that wouldn't cause damage to the surfaces. Now, loudspeaker driver manufacturer SEAS Fabrikker, which has been manufacturing Soundcare products in-house since 2017, is taking over the Soundcare SuperSpikes business and brand. Soundcare SuperSpikes are all-in-one spikes for Hi-Fi equipment, with a unique construction that eliminates the most common problem experienced when using a conventional spike: damaged surfaces. The construction is based on a high-quality spike fitted with a custom designed base plate, all integrated in a plastic housing. This allows users to move and adjust the equipment without making scratches on the surfaces, while offering the benefits of isolating the equipment from external vibrations. SuperSpikes are available in offered in eleven models including self-adhesive models, with the standard threaded models having spikes and support discs plated in nickel, a threaded version spike that is plated with a base finish of alkaline copper and then chrome finish. There are also high-end version covered with albrafin gold or 24K gold. All models are hand inspected and packaged to insure the highest level of quality for the finished product. The self-adhesive models are generally used under bookshelf speakers as well as for larger speakers without threaded inserts. Soundcare was founded by Terje Borgen as a hobby business alongside his daily work and at the time it was a unique product in the market. The first Soundcare SuperSpikes were shown to the public at IFA in Berlin in 2000, and today the product is distributed worldwide in more than 50 countries. In 2013, Terje Borgen began to focus entirely on Soundcare and in 2015 he reached out to SEAS Fabrikker to see if the company would be interested in taking over the business. Soundcare SuperSpikes in production at the SEAS factory. Since August 2020, SEAS is now responsible for purchasing of parts, production and sales and is now fully in control of the Soundcare business. The production capacity is about one million spikes per year. All parts in the SuperSpikes products are sourced in Norway. Terje Borgen is still involved on the financial and business development side and is available for any kind of consultancy needed. www.soundcare.no Soundcare by SEAS SEAS AS E-mail:  soundcare@seas.no
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